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How do we partner with our Candidates?

Banyan Search is committed to our candidates.  Our expertise within the finance and accounting field is what sets us apart.  Our partners have over 50 years of combined accounting, finance and recruiting experience.  We know the importance of making the right career moves for you.   We know every person is different and brings a unique set of skills.  Our job is to understand you so that we can add value to your job search. Through understanding and trust, we can then partner with you to find the right position and the right employer.  We recruit for you.

Banyan Search Process
The Banyan Search Process

Our process is simple.  In order to help you, we have to know you.


Banyan Search forges strong relationships with our candidates.  We want to understand you - what unique skills you bring, what your goals are, what your experience includes.  Then we can help guide you to clients and/or roles that meet your objectives.


The recruiters at Banyan Search are your career advocates.  We fully prepare you for every interaction with a potential employer, and make sure you are ready to present your best self. We will provide feedback and give overall career advice where you may be "stuck" in neutral.  We recruit for you, but we do much more than that by adding value throughout your career search journey.


Change can sometimes be the hardest step. Banyan Search is there for you every step of the way, including making the transition to your next role.  This includes assisting you with giving notice, setting expectations for your new role, and follow up after you are settled in your new opportunity.

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