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What do we do?

What do we do?

connect (verb) - con·nect \kə-ˈnekt\
: to join (two or more things) together *

Banyan Search is in the business of connecting talent with opportunity.  We are a recruiting firm that establishes strong relationships with business professionals across a wide range of industries.  Specializing in finance and accounting roles, we utilize these relationships, and our direct finance and accounting expertise, to connect individuals seeking new opportunity with organizations searching for unique talent.

What is the Banyan Approach?

Banyan Search was founded on an established set of core values:

Respect, Integrity, Commitment.

Our approach is to interact with individuals how we would want to be treated if in their shoes (otherwise known as the Golden Rule). Providing honest feedback, guidance and support allows us to add value and establish long-lasting relationships. Whether partnering with a corporate client or assisting a candidate with a career transition, we are committed to you.

Add Value
The Banyan Approach

The "Banyan" Story

The Banyan Tree is recognized for its root structure that allows roots to grow from both below the ground and above the tree from the branches.  This unique trait allows the Banyan to become larger than it could with only one root structure. Due to its vast size, the Banyan tree produces shade in hot climates and, in ancient times, provided a space for merchants to conduct business.  At Banyan Search, we believe that people provide the support and "roots" of any company, and with good people the opportunity to grow and thrive is unlimited.

Oh, and we just really like Banyan trees because....well, that is another story.  

The "Banyan" Story
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